• It takes just a little time and effort to care for your badge. To preserve the shine and luster of your badge just wash it occasionally with a mild soap and warm water. Then, dry with a clean, soft cloth - ideally, something like a lint free microfiber towel.


  • A light coating of good Carnauba or synthetic vehicle wax can be used to protect the finish. Excess use of wax and sealant can create a ring around your badges that distracts from the appearance.


  • Under no circumstances should you scrub or use an abrasive polish or cleaner which may remove the protective coating and result in a dull, tarnished badge. All SCS badges are made from an electroplated aluminum alloy, however this high strength finish can wear off if abused.


  • If your badge gets extra dirty and you need to reach in those gaps and crevices, a soft toothbrush and some automotive polish work wonders. Again, no aggressive scrubbing.

Chemical Guys have a great badge detailing video here on YouTube where they use a clay bar to really pickup all the dirt in the cracks and crevices of a stock OEM emblem.

They make some very fine products for all your automotive care needs. Specifically, in this video they use Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo, their very light V36 Polish, and the Hybrid V7 Quick Detailer for UV protection and a high shine.

(Full polish video of a beautiful Mustang GT is here, from Chemical Guys)

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