Tools Required:

  • 10mm socket
  • 9" or 12" extension
  • Flashlight
  • Medium or light strength loctite (highly recommended)
  • Flexibility / small hands


1. Move driver's seat all the way backwards

(If you're flexible enough, it may be easiest to lay upside down in the driver's seat with your head under the steering wheel in order to get easy access to the pedal bolts.)

2. Use fingernail or flathead screwdriver to push red tab on electrical connector UP

3. Squeeze connector at top with fingers, pull up, and remove

4. Remove three 10mm nuts holding accelerator pedal to floor (may take awhile, long threads)

5. Remove pedal assembly

6. Install spacers

7. Add a drop of loctite to each thread

8. Reinstall pedal assembly, nuts, and clip connector back in

9. Done! (please forgive the dirt)



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