Tools Required:

  • Trunk Strap
  • 2-Piece Plastic Fastener
  • Rubber Mallet (regular hammer will work in a pinch, but be careful)


Step 1. Open your trunk.
If you didn't know already, there's a small rubber button directly above your license plate, facing downwards. With your keys in your pocket, press that button. Presto! Trunk open. 1 step closer to hands-free operation.

Step 2. Choose your location.
All the small, black plastic rivets holding the trunk liner in are the same. The upper left & upper right rivets allow the greatest trunk-closing leverage. We're going to replace this rivet with the included fastener. 

Step 3. Remove stock plastic rivet.
Slide your hand underneath the liner, with a finger on either side of the rivet and pull. They're not very strong - promise you won't hurt anything. Put that one in your spare parts bin, it's no longer needed. 

Step 4. Install the lower half of the new fastener.
The fastener is two parts. Push the lower (collapsible) portion through the brass grommet of the strap. Then install this combo into the now-available hole in your trunk.

Step 5. Secure with the upper half of the new fastener.
Insert the upper half of the fastener into the lower half in the trunk. It should go about half way in with just thumb pressure.

Step 6. Hammer Time
With one swift (STRAIGHT ON) whack of the rubber mallet, seat the upper half into the lower half. This fastener is over-sized for the hole, so it is a tight fit on purpose.

Step 7. Try out your new strap!
It may take a few attempts to get a feel for it.



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