About us

SpaceCitySpy was born quietly and organically in mid 2015 out of the desire to offer creative, unique mods to fellow S550 / 2015+ Ford Mustang owners. It began very humbly with the now infamous "Go Baby Go" decal. 

There are few passionate car people who haven't seen that iconic scene in Gone In 60 Seconds where Nick Cage tries to tame the 1967 Shelby GT500 "Eleanor". We linked up with a local printer, a great graphic designer, and a Costco sized box of everyday white envelopes, and shipped the resulting push button start overlay decals to over 30 states and 5 different countries. And the enthusiasm was overwhelming.

Since that initial burst of support from fellow Mustang owners all over the globe, we've kept on innovating - listening to the great ideas that pop up at car meets (here in Space City Houston, TX), online forums, and casual conversations while wrenching in a friend's garage. "Wouldn't it be cool if..." started this little company and continues to fuel this passion. 

Our sole purpose is to bring those ideas to life - ideas that the big parts suppliers don't care about, don't hear about, or simply aren't interesting in trying something crazy. This group was never about striking it rich, but about giving back to a really great community of people who share a common love. This community has been very overwhelmingly supportive and understanding, and we aim to keep giving back as long as possible.

If you have an idea, a prototype, or a dream, and you want to join up - get in touch. The more the merrier. We operate on a very simple compensation structure - the work you put in is proportional to the reward you get out.





SpaceCitySpy LLC

7941 Katy Freeway #718

Houston, TX 77024