Guides (Work In Progress)

SCS Parts:

General 2015+ Mustang Guides:


  • Turbo recirculation port block off (for that sweet sweet PSSHT BOV sound)


  • LED turn signal switchback and corner light guide
  • Grille set installation guide
  • Emergency Kit
    • Supplies:
Small canvas tool bag Amazon: Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag $14
Breaker bar Amazon: Neiko 1/2 in. Drive x 24 in. Breaker Bar $19
Deep socket for lug nuts
Tire plug kit Amazon: Slime T-Handle Tire Plug Kit $8
Tire pump Amazon: Slime 12v Digital Inflator $30
Fix-A-Flat Amazon: Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflator $7
Jumper cables Amazon: OxGord 4 ga x 25 ft Cables $20
First aid kit Amazon: AlwaysPrepared Small First Aid Kit, 100 piece $22
Water Amazon: Nestle 12 count water bottles $3
Duct Tape Amazon: Gorilla Duct Tape,1 roll $5
Flashlight Amazon: Maglite LED Flashlight $24
Electrical Tape Amazon: 3M Electrical Tape, 1 roll $4
Bungee Cords Amazon: BisonGear 24 piece assorted bungee cords $35
Mechanic Work Gloves Amazon: CLC Handyman Gloves $13
Fire Extinguisher Amazon: Automobile Fire Extinguisher $19
Your state atlas Amazon: Texas Atlas search $10
Pocket Knife Amazon: TAC Force Gentleman's Folding Knife $8