Heel-Toe Pedal Spacers
Heel-Toe Pedal Spacers

Heel-Toe Pedal Spacers

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A set of 1/2" thick spacers for the accelerator pedal on your 2015+ Ford Mustang GT, Ecoboost, or V6. 

The factory gas and brake pedals are too far apart to easily perform Heel-Toe downshifting without some serious ankle flexibility. These spacers are the perfect solution to bring the gas pedal closer for an easy throttle blip under braking and allow you to be in the right gear to pull hard out of corners. Those highway interchanges won't stand a chance.

(We at SCS take no responsibility for how you drive - be safe, drive responsibly - push the limits on the track, not in public)

  • Red Nylon
  • Install Difficulty: 1 out of 5 beers
  • Fit-for-purpose design and dimensions to ensure ideal fitment

Instructions available in the guides section.

International customers:

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Heel-Toe Pedal Spacers
Heel-Toe Pedal Spacers